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IDEAL was originally founded in 2008 by Marbe Agee, Cori Brown, Darrin Brooks, and Kaye Christiansen Englert. The organization is working to advance the Interior Design Profession in the state of Utah through legislation, education, and advocacy.  

Utah First in the Country to Embrace Voluntary Certification for Commercial Interior Designers!
The Utah State Legislature enacted the Commercial Interior Design Certification Act, removing significant barriers for Utah’s interior designers

Salt Lake City, Utah --- The Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing (DOPL) is now accepting applications from interior designers who qualify for the newly enacted Commercial Interior Design Certification.

Who can apply? 
Interior designers who desire to expand their practice to commercial spaces (currently B&M) and wish to take on the liability and assumed responsibility of acting as designer-in-charge, may apply for a Commercial Interior Design Certification. The certification is voluntary and not a requirement unless a designer desires to expand independent practice into code impacted commercial spaces named in the statute.

How to Qualify?
Interior Designers who desire to practice in B & M Occupancies independently can apply at DOPL. The process is very simple. To become a Certified Commercial Interior Designer individuals must submit an application found on DOPL’s website, pay a fee, provide satisfactory evidence of good moral character, and qualify and pass the NCIDQ examination. The cost to apply for the Commercial Interior Design Certification is an initial $70.00  thereafter the renewal fee is $40.00 every two years. Certified Commercial Interior Designers are also required to complete 20 hours of continuing education for their renewal, with at least 10 continuing education credit hours dedicated exclusively to heath-safety issues.

Please visit to apply and find all the information needed. Please note that you must have an active NCIDQ number.

It is your professional responsibility to read and become familiar with the Commercial Interior Design Certification practice act. Those who violate knowingly or unknowingly are subject to the ramifications found in the statue and DOPL policy. While IDEAL for Utah’s mission includes advocacy, education, and legislation on behalf of the design profession, IDEAL for Utah is not legally responsible for Commercial Interior Designers adherence to statutory law.

For questions concerning the newly enacted certification, please contact Amy Coombs, at or check out the available information on the DOPL website.

About IDEAL for Utah- Originally founded in 2008, IDEAL for Utah continues to advance the interior design and Commercial Interior Design profession in the state of Utah through legislation, education, and advocacy.  IDEAL is a coalition of individuals from the design industry, vendors and consumers that support IDEAL’s mission. During the 2016 legislative session IDEAL proposed a voluntary certification for Commercial Interior Design Professionals who desire to work in code-impacted environments above 3,000 square feet. This bill passed and is now an active law in Utah.

To learn more about IDEAL, sign up to receive our free informative newsletter, attend an upcoming event, or send us an email. Please send questions or media requests to Amy Coombs, IDEAL for Utah’s lobbyist at Don't forget to visit our membership page and join us in our mission to advance the practice of Professional Interior Design.


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